Rainy Sunday

First of all, I have to admit: I'm not a blonde anymore! I'm a brunette now, but I'm still a tiger, so the name stays the same ;-)
Today was a very rainy Sunday, one of these days where you stay at home most of the time.
So I took my bike and went for a ride...
First I was in the park where I usually go, but I couldn't take the usual way:
there had been a lot of rain the last days...

We really have water here, a lot! 

Sometimes I think, what I love most in Germany is the rain. Don't laugh, it's true! Because of all that rain we have all that green and I love it! Whenever I come back from Israel or southern France, the first thing I see from Germany is all that green, out of a plane or train, I see those huge german forests, lovely.
I'm really that autumn fog and rain type, I like these quiet days. Nearly nobody out. Some joggers in the park but nearly no one in the streets.
What I like very much in the city is the atmosphere in old quarters like the following. Former industrial, now artists, galleries, music and dance and all kinds of cultural events. It's amazing, see:

So I had a lovely rainy Sunday!
How was yours?
L♥ O♥ V♥ E


  1. I bought groceries and learned to draw with Corel Painter. I've always wanted to visit Germany. Your photos are beautiful.

  2. I wow, loved looking through these pictures :)