Gorgeous Redheads

As I'm thinking about coloring my hair (again) RED (again) I looked up some famous and fabulous Redheads, here they are:
First of all the one and only Mrs. Jessica Rabbit!

The most well known Redhead of our times (or of the Sixties in NYC, Madison Avenue):
Joan Holloway/Harris (Christina Hendricks)

A young and gorgeous redheaded singer: Paloma Faith

and another British Redhead of our days:
Kate Nash

My personal favourite: Shirley Manson of Garbage

And one of the greatest women of Hollywood: Katherine Hepburn

But the best of all, my favourite Redhead of all times was my Mom. She was a real Redhead and she was a very beautiful women and I miss her every single day of my life since she passed away...



  1. I'm a famous and fabulous redhead! Ok, maybe not famous, but fabulous.