Ride a White Swan


remembering T Rex

Marc Bolan

he was so sweet
the first love of my life

I'm in love... with Ralph Lauren!

This is the most beautiful fall/winter collection 
I have seen for a long time!
No more words, just look at the pictures...

Hope you all have beautiful autumn days!


Best Endings (some more...)

5) Sleepless in Seattle 
(thank you Shmuel for reminding me!)

6) An Affair to remember

7) Charade

8) You've got Mail


Best Endings

Here's some of the best endings of romantic movies:

1) When Harry met Sally

2) Breakfast at Tiffany's

3) Some like it Hot

4) Man's favourite Sport

to be continued...

I like Birds


My taste in music changes with the seaons, as soon as the summer is over and leaves start falling and everything smells like fall, I listen to Eels. Nothing better for a nice and cozy autumn day at home.
I found this really cute video on youtube, it's not mine, but I like it and I think it's great with the song.


This was me then... remembering

Sometimes I remember...
normally I live very much here and now
I'm not really that living-in-the-past-person
but then
a smell
a sound
a taste
a picture
memories come back to me
I see my pictures and my artwork
and I know
I am a lucky one
and I am thankfull
I survived.
I'm still here after all these years.

These I did when I was 18, which really is some time ago...
and this was me then:




Swinging Sixties

I love Sixties, the style, fashion, colors, music and some great films, such as Rosemary's Baby, A Bout de Souffle, the early Truffaut-films and many more! Here some of my Sixties-Icons:

Jane Birkin and my favourite car of all times!

Twiggy the absolute Sixties-Icon!

Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg + Jean-Paul Belmondo "A Bout de Souffle"

Edie Sedgwik + Andy Warhol

Mia Farrow

Jean Seberg à Paris

Marilyn Monroe

Mia Farrow + Frank Sinatra at their wedding

The Beatles

the one and only Mr. Bob Dylan!

These gentlemen are The Rolling Stones!
Stones in the Park

Style and Fashion

Vogue patterns for Barbie    

Be inspired!

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