I started something new. As I work a lot and sometimes come home really late, I wanted to do something creative that doesn't take to much time and effort but is fun anyway. So I started crocheting! I must say, I love it! Much more than knitting, it's easyer, faster, and you have only one needle, so you can always carry it in your handbag wherever you go (I do).
Here is my output of last week,
Black Beauty

Two shades of Grey with a matching scarf

Melange Pink and Green (my favourite color combination)


Dark Plum with a Vintage button
Last week's collection

I am thinking of making an Etsy Shop with some Beanies and other stuff... what do you think? I would really like to know your opinions, please leave a comment! Thank you very much,


I might have told you:
I love Kitsch!
Today I show you some details from my home...



Gorgeous Redheads

As I'm thinking about coloring my hair (again) RED (again) I looked up some famous and fabulous Redheads, here they are:
First of all the one and only Mrs. Jessica Rabbit!

The most well known Redhead of our times (or of the Sixties in NYC, Madison Avenue):
Joan Holloway/Harris (Christina Hendricks)

A young and gorgeous redheaded singer: Paloma Faith

and another British Redhead of our days:
Kate Nash

My personal favourite: Shirley Manson of Garbage

And one of the greatest women of Hollywood: Katherine Hepburn

But the best of all, my favourite Redhead of all times was my Mom. She was a real Redhead and she was a very beautiful women and I miss her every single day of my life since she passed away...



Rainy Sunday

First of all, I have to admit: I'm not a blonde anymore! I'm a brunette now, but I'm still a tiger, so the name stays the same ;-)
Today was a very rainy Sunday, one of these days where you stay at home most of the time.
So I took my bike and went for a ride...
First I was in the park where I usually go, but I couldn't take the usual way:
there had been a lot of rain the last days...

We really have water here, a lot! 

Sometimes I think, what I love most in Germany is the rain. Don't laugh, it's true! Because of all that rain we have all that green and I love it! Whenever I come back from Israel or southern France, the first thing I see from Germany is all that green, out of a plane or train, I see those huge german forests, lovely.
I'm really that autumn fog and rain type, I like these quiet days. Nearly nobody out. Some joggers in the park but nearly no one in the streets.
What I like very much in the city is the atmosphere in old quarters like the following. Former industrial, now artists, galleries, music and dance and all kinds of cultural events. It's amazing, see:

So I had a lovely rainy Sunday!
How was yours?
L♥ O♥ V♥ E