Viva la Diva

Always be yourself

Divas, they have style, they are eccentrics, they are not trying to look "young" but they still are amazing, maybe even more now, than when they were young. 

When you're a woman and you're young and beautiful, things are easy. People love beauty, everybody likes to look a you, everybody thinks you're a nice person because you look like a nice person. Sometimes you are in danger to lose your personality because of your beauty. When I was young, I looked like a porcelain-doll. I had white skin, a perfect complexion, long dark hair, dark blue eyes and I was slim. But very often, I had the impression, that people didn't look at me, they just saw the facade. 

Then came Punk and I cut my hair ultra short punk style. I wore DocMartens boots. I colored my hair in weird colors. My boss said I wouldn't look like a woman anymore. The other girls at the office thought it was great but said they would never have the courage, because their boyfriends wouldn't like it. Wow!

I style myself for myself and never ever to please a man! So that's another reason why I love the women in my Diva-list, and maybe you can imagine why some women are not on this list.

Vivienne Westwood at LFW

Anna Piaggi the eccentric Diva

Anna Piaggi from Italian Vogue

The amazing Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper a powerfull Diva

Vivienne Westwood and Pamela Anderson

Vivienne Westwood and Pamela Anderson

Vivienne Westwood Diva

Vivienne Westwood cool!

Vivienne Westwood now and then

PS: there's a minus for Anna Piaggi because she wears real fur and a plus for Pamela Anderson because she supports PETA
PS2: I still have the dark blue eyes ;-)

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  1. thank you Anika! I'm happy you like it :)

  2. a wonderful statement, every woman should think this way.