Art and Color, an Hommage to Andy Warhol

I am obsessed by colors, some colors can, just like music or a certain smell or taste, provoque emotions that are very strong. Memories of times long ago, very special moments, sometimes pure happiness.
The artist who has always impressed me most is Andy Warhol. He gave art a complete new face, litterally. 
I especially love his portraits and his flowers.
And I like his way of living art in different forms, paintings, prints, photographies, music, general lifestyle and his opinions.
(Jay Johnson, A W, Candy Darling photo Richard Avedon)
The world fascinates me...

(all pictures Google search)

LOVE, LIGHT and more LOVE,
Tanja ♥

PS: my favourite living artist? Someone who uses color the way AW did. I really admire the artwork of 
Pato Paez-Harris
or find him on Twitter @PatoPaez

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