my new home

here are the very first pics of my new home
(for my curious friends)
my green door

one day this will be my pink kitchen :)
still a lot of work to be done....
coming in (view from entrance to living room)
living room, I will paint the walls white and hang pictures
more living room
view from the balcony
another view from the balcony

So now you can see the place the way it looks now, as soon as I'm ready with painting the walls and installing a kitchen I'll post new pics, and when I've moved in you will see how it looks then! This will be in approx. 4 weeks, so be patient! I have to be patient, too + I have to do all the work ;-)



  1. A blank canvas how wonderful. Good Luck with it all.

  2. I like the wood floors! I wanted wood floors instead of this ceramic tile.

  3. This weekend I am going to paint my walls. I start with white (easyer), when I have a little wall-painting-practice I'll paint the kitchenwalls (PINK!!!). The floor is beautiful, I'm happy not to have work with that, painting and installing a kitchen is just enough for a single girl ;-)