Tel Aviv, beloved, gorgeous, rotten, white city

I took these pictures on a hot summer day, walking in Tel Aviv. I always walk, wherever I am, to get to know a city. My feet may be hurting afterwards, but the feeling is great. I love being part of the place I am, not just looking at tourist attractions. So you might find my picture selection kind of strange, but this is what I see.
Tel Aviv is always known as the White City with all its Bauhaus architecture... well, it sure was, but now most of the Bauhaus buildings are rotten, have a kind of morbid charm, dark backyards with pink flowers behind dirty facades of once white city houses.
Tel Aviv is an incredible mix of old and new, white and dark, and the most fascinating crowd of people you find anywhere in the world.

Among the young and hip, Sheinkin street is definitely most popular, I was there in the morning, when the shops just opened, some folks already sitting in the café, everything really quiet..

Now let's see some more of Tel Aviv,
I really love to look into people's backyards...

and I love the once so white and now (some of them)
rotten but gorgeous Bauhaus buildings:

I love the contrast between old and new,

the beautiful beach
Rothschild boulevard

I hope you like my Tel Aviv!


  1. Fascinating pictures, Tel Aviv looks beautiful even in it's state of decayed grandeur. My Dad worked out there in the 1970's and always spoke about it's beauty. xxx

  2. Decayed grandeur, thats it! Thanks for your comment :)